WoW Cycling is a social community cycling group for women who would like to expand their social network, boost their confidence on a bike, and get to know their local area.

Cycling provides numerous benefits, such as being a great form of low level exercise, providing a sense of freedom, and being a fun activity to take part in.

WoW cycling aims to combat the distinct lack of opportunities for women to learn to ride a bike in a safe and friendly environment, as well as removing the barriers many women face to cycling, such as lack of bikes, and lack of confidence. This is done by creating a safe and pleasant environment in which women can learn to cycle and feel confident doing so, with no time limit on learning to ride.

Group members can attend as many sessions as they like until they feel confident. The group starts out learning to ride in an off-road environment before progressing to led rides on roads with an instructor.


Do I need to have cycled before?

No, absolutely no need to have cycled before. Our instructors will start you off by getting used to the feel of a bike and taking each stage slowly.

I can ride a bike but am not very confident on roads, can I join?

Yes, our sessions progress riders to gaining confidence on the road so you will be able to join the ‘progression’ group straight away.

Do I need my own bike?

No, bikes and helmets are provided!

I am nervous about learning to ride.

This is very common and our instructors are very used to teaching nervous riders. You can go at your own pace and won’t have to do anything until you feel confident.

I am not very fit, can I join?

Yes! Cycling is low level exercise and you are able to take rests whenever you would like.

Can I bring my children along?

Some of our sessions have trailers to bring children along to, get in contact and check whether these will be available.





Hornfair Park, London, SE18 4PU

Monday 9.30am-11am

All year round. Contact Joy [email protected] for more information

Royal London Hospital

St Mary and Michael Catholic Primary School, Sutton St, Shadwell, E1 0BD

Wednesday 5:30pm-7pm

Paused for the time being 

Langdon Park

Poplar, London, E14 0RZ

Thursday 9:30am-11am

All year round. Contact Gaurangi [email protected] for more information